Prenatal care and delivery options

The American Hospital of Paris lets you choose the approach to prenatal care and childbirth that suits you best, with health care providers who always put safety first. Whether you choose a traditional or low-intervention birth with or without an epidural, accompanied by a midwife, your personal obstetrician or an obstetrician from our Maternity team, we do everything we can to ensure your experience matches your expectations while guaranteeing your safety within a multidisciplinary Hospital. 

The American Hospital of Paris maternity is committed to providing respectful care in response to patients’ needs, and takes the necessary measures to fulfill their wishes regarding childbirth. 

If one of our physicians identifies your pregnancy as low-risk during your first visit, you may choose from the following prenatal care and delivery options:  

  • Prenatal care and delivery by a midwife, with a low-intervention approach and no epidural. Alternative pain management methods may be proposed. The patient may nevertheless choose to have an epidural at any time, thanks to the 24/7 presence of an obstetrician and an anesthesiologist. 
  • Prenatal care and delivery by a team comprising a midwife and/or an obstetrician, based on the patient’s needs and/or wishes, with a low-intervention approach. Labor induction remains a possibility, with or without an epidural. 
  • Prenatal care and delivery by an obstetrician personally chosen by the patient. If desired, the patient may request a low-intervention approach – a principle supported by our entire team – with or without an epidural. 

In France today, most pregnancies go smoothly. However, some require additional monitoring due to an identified obstetric, maternal or fetal risk.  Some risk factors may be present before the pregnancy, while others may have appeared during a previous pregnancy or develop with the current pregnancy.  To monitor these pregnancies, which carry greater risks for the mother or her unborn child, the American Hospital of Paris Maternity proposes personalized care pathways that adapt prenatal care to each situation.

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