Respect of your childbirth choices: our new physiologic birth program

The American Hospital of Paris now offers a physiologic birth program of excellence to welcome all women who, for their childbirth, want the least possible medical interference except for an essential necessity for the safety of the mother and the child, in a place ensuring their own comfort and that of their companion.
The midwives in our Maternity Unit are trained in pregnancy monitoring, support and preparation for the birth and for the birth itself. The epidural remains available but alternatives to this medical method can be proposed.
Everything is done to respect the physiology of childbirth by offering the essential safety in the event of unforseen complications, thanks to the 24-hour presence of an obstetrician, an anesthetist and a pediatrician.
Patients who want a bespoke delivery with a doctor chosen by them can also ask him/her to respect the physiology of their childbirth, now promoted by our entire team.



The American Hospital of Paris guarantees that your co-payment for a delivery within our physiologic birthing program will not exceed €1,500* (private room with guest bed and complimentary breakfast for the duration of your stay, physician fees included).
*On the basis of a supplemental private insurance policy covering hospitalization expenses and physician fees at the rate of 200% of the French Social Security reimbursement rate