Professor Israël Nisand joins the American Hospital of Paris

The American Hospital of Paris Maternity Unit is very proud to announce the arrival of Professor Israël Nisand. The appointment of this obstetrician-gynecologist as head of the maternity is part of the hospital’s desire to develop new medical services for patients.

Professor Nisand will be providing support to Dr. Amina Yamgnane and her team, under the leadership of Dr François Jacquemard, head of the Women's and Children's Health Unit. Together, they aim to breathe new life into the unit in order to meet growing expectations for more physiologic childbirth methods. 

The arrival of Professor Nisand marks a turning point for the American Hospital of Paris maternity, which plans to roll out several highly innovative projects over the coming months. 

A professor of gynecology and obstetrics since 1991, Professor Israël Nisand became President of the National College of French OB/GYNs after creating the French-speaking Fetal Medicine Club.  His academic work focused not only on prenatal diagnostics and assisted reproductive technology, but also on the bioethical questions raised by these medical practices. He was a member of the French National University Council from 2011 to 2018. His current publications address pregnancy denial and the anonymous donation of gametes and embryos. Professor Nisand is the honorary chairman of the European Bioethics Forum, which he founded in 2009. 

In response to increasing demand from pregnant women for a new approach to childbirth and pregnancy monitoring, Professor Nisand intends to offer American Hospital of Paris patients the opportunity to give birth in a way that is consistent with their personal choices and physiology. Enabling a range of birthing positions, alternatives to epidural anesthesia and the absence of unnecessary intervention, all in a safe hospital setting, is now standard protocol. Should any complications arise, medical attention is immediately provided by an obstetrician and a team of specialists. This level of excellence and comfort is accessible with a moderate co-pay, regardless of any unforeseen complications.

In addition to these labor and delivery options, women may also choose to attend childbirth preparation sessions and have their pregnancy monitored by the midwives at the American Hospital of Paris. A midwife already familiar with the mother-to-be will assist with the delivery, providing bespoke one-to-one care. Through all of these services, the American Hospital of Paris maternity will offer customized support in line with the expectations and choices of future mothers or parents, while continuing to benefit from an extremely safe hospital environment where transfusion technology and an adult intensive care unit are available on site if needed. 

Professor Nisand also aims to make outpatient childbirth available when possible, if desired. Following an epidural-free birth, the mother and infant will be seen during a consultation and then allowed to go home, where they will receive follow-up care provided by the hospital’s midwives.

Women will continue to be able to choose their attending physician and preferred method of pregnancy monitoring:  
-    Personalized delivery by the OB/GYN already chosen to monitor the entire pregnancy
-    Delivery by a midwife, and pregnancy monitoring by the hospital’s midwives