Other patient stories

Marjorie  :

"Our little boy was born on April 22, 2020, at the Maternity Unit of the American Hospital of Paris. My husband and I would like to express our gratitude for the warm welcome and unflagging attentiveness, professionalism, kindness and support we received from the midwives who accompanied me from the delivery to the end of my stay.
I would especially like to thank the midwife who made the birthing process as easy as possible, from the moment my labor was induced to the end of the delivery! Many thanks as well to all the midwives who worked day and night!"

The Maternity Unit of the American Hospital of Paris also performs therapeutic abortions. Mrs. T. wanted to thank the maternity teams who supported her in these circumstances.

"I was three months pregnant when I was referred to the Fetal Medicine Unit at the American Hospital of Paris and treated for suspected Down’s syndrome in my baby. 
Sadly, I underwent a therapeutic abortion but, in the midst of this immense ordeal, I also know I was extremely lucky to be in your Hospital to get through it. I couldn’t have been in a better place than the AHP for this difficult journey.
The doctors were amazing; their skill, gentleness and compassion had a lasting impact on me.
Similarly, the midwives and nurse’s aides who took care of me in the maternity unit were wonderful. They knew exactly what to say and do to soothe my distress, and I cannot thank them enough.
On your team’s recommendation, I am seeing a psychologist, which has been a tremendous help. Also on your team’s suggestion, my partner and I took the opportunity offered by the Hospital to see our baby, before the fetus was removed from the hospital. Although we didn’t think we wanted or needed to do this, it actually was very beneficial. We’ll never forget the kindness and gentleness of the person who organized this experience.
Thanks to your teams’ outstanding professional and personal skills, I was able to face this ordeal with the reassurance, support, assistance and sound advice I needed. I will always remember the kindness and skill of each person involved.
Many thanks and kudos to you and your teams for developing such a thorough protocol for parents who have to face this type of ordeal. Emotionally, it was a very painful experience, but your team managed to ease that pain"