Our Nursery during the Covid-19 pandemic

Our Nursery has adopted a new mode of operation ensuring the safety of all since the state of health emergency linked to COVID-19!

Promote safety

The constraints in terms of prevention of COVID-19 contamination for users of maternity hospitals, mothers, fathers and babies, as well as for professionals require not to take care of all healthy children in the same place.

  • Babies who need neonatal medical care remain hospitalized here, of course.
  • Concerning healthy babies, the baby care service is kept intact but we must give up accommodating in one and the same room the 15 babies present at most in our Maternity Unit

Covid-negative mothers who are not able to take care of their baby on their own, or take care of them all night, obviously benefit from the care necessary for their well-being and comfort. The human size of our Maternity Unit allows us to maintain this service. The babies are looked after by the professionals of the service, but again, not all together at the same time in the Nursery.

PCR tests, antigenic tests and COVID serology

The American Hospital of Paris offers PCR tests, antigenic tests and COVID serology. Depending on the clinical situation and in accordance with protocols, these tests are requested from the mother and her companion in the event of induction or a scheduled cesarean section, in order to allow simple management if the tests are negative, and in charge of "droplet protection" in case of positivity.

These tests are also offered to accompanying persons who come every day or stay in full board in the Maternity. Thus, we can take care of COVID positive parents who will be isolated.

This device helps to preserve the privacy of women and babies, while guaranteeing them equivalent care during periods "outside the COVID pandemic", by adopting all measures to guarantee the safety of mothers, their companions and their toddlers.

Finally, this helps protect professionals who work in Maternity.

We are all waiting for the eradication of Covid in order to revert to previous operations. Nevertheless, it seems quite likely that this moment is not yet imminent ..., our Nursery is not closed, its operation has been revisited to ensure the safety of all.