Pain Management

Whether or not you have chosen to have an epidural, all patients must see an anesthesiologist, at 37 weeks for low-risk pregnancies or 34 weeks for at-risk pregnancies. Even if you have decided to forgo anesthesia, in some cases it can become necessary during childbirth. This consultation ensures the anesthesia team has your complete medical file if necessary, which guarantees maximum safety for you.


To relieve the pain of labor during childbirth, a regional anesthesia (targeting a specific part of the body) called an epidural might be proposed to you.
Having an epidural is an effective way to relieve pain during labor. However, in some cases it cannot be performed.
Any contraindications will be identified during the preoperative anesthesia consultation, which takes place once you have begun your seventh month of pregnancy.


Other methods

Based on your wishes and on medical imperatives, your midwife or anesthesiologist may also suggest other pain relief techniques such as hypnosis, an intravenous line or inhalation via a mask.