Monitoring my pregnancy

Depending on how your pregnancy evolves, monitoring at the American Hospital of Paris consists in:

  • Monthly prenatal visits with your obstetrician, until your due date
  • Early prenatal interview with a midwife from our team
  • Anesthesia consultation toward the end of the pregnancy
  • Three obstetric screening ultrasounds at our Fetal Medicine Unit

The American Hospital of Paris provides unmatched personalized support to you throughout this journey. A designated maternity coach is available to answer any questions you may have. She will liaise between the different health care professionals involved in your journey and help you schedule your appointments.

The maternity coach is a midwife who is available and attentive to the needs of mothers-to-be. She will accompany you and your future baby throughout your journey at the American Hospital of Paris, from the first prenatal ultrasound and for three months following the birth.

All births require preparation, and we prepare for your child’s birth through a personalized approach. Because we talk about you and your baby during our prenatal diagnostic and obstetric-pediatric staff meetings, which are attended by all the professionals involved in the birth, we know your baby before he is born and are well prepared to provide personalized treatment based on his needs and any special care he might require.
We offer individual prenatal consultations when necessary and invite all future parents to a collective third trimester “Q & A” session. 

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