When and how to register ?

When should I register?

We recommend registering at the Maternity after your first trimester ultrasound.
Feel free to contact our Maternity Counselor, or go on a guided tour of the maternity.

How do I register?

You can register on line. Our maternity counselor will contact you.

For further information 

You can reach out to our maternity counselor at any time for additional information.

  • Phone: +33(0)1 46 41 83 73
  • On line

Room expenses

The American Hospital of Paris is a private, not-for-profit health care establishment and does not apply the fee schedule established by the French national health insurance. We were recognized as an institution of public benefit on March 19, 1918.

Our maternity unit features private rooms and suites, all large enough to accommodate an accompanying person.

  • Room                                     €300 / night
  • Suite                                       €1,500 / night
  • Guest bed + breakfast            free
  • Possibility of taking a catering option for your companion: lunches and dinners throughout the stay    110€

Cost estimate

Our maternity counselor is available to provide a cost estimate for giving birth at the American Hospital of Paris. The estimate will include your co-payment, if any, based on your private or supplementary insurance policies.