Preconception visit

You are thinking about having a baby and have made an appointment for a preconception visit.

With help from our specialized medical team, you can:

  • Supplement your pre-pregnancy clinical check-up​
  • Undergo any additional exams, blood tests or x-rays required prior to pregnancy
  • Receive specialized advice for you and your partner before planning a pregnancy
  • Obtain advice on preconception care to avoid certain complications
  • Undergo a brief fertility assessment for couples, if you wish
  • Get information about a specialized genetic consulting appointment for screening purposes or if you are concerned about a specific pathology
  • Talk with our team composed of obstetricians, an anesthesiologist, pediatricians and midwives
  • Get psychological support, if needed
  • Meet our fertility and ART specialists, if needed

> Download the preconception visit questionnaire 

> Schedule an appointment with an Ob-Gyn